Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a Hobby for Now . . . part 2


My bettas from Thailand arrived safe and sound. Winston has a little fin wear, but Clementine came through just fine. I’m using blog entries here as a sort of breeding record; so if you believe fish should be placed between two buns and smothered in tartar sauce, the rest of this blog won’t be very interesting.

I’m using a single ten gallon conditioning tank, set at 80 degrees. Two tank partitioners  divide the tank into thirds, bettas at either end, and a large catfish I’ve had for years in the center. I’m using a “waterfall-type” filter with the catfish, so at either end the bettas enjoy relatively still water. I’ll be doing 20% water changes twice a week. No gravel in the tank, per se. I cut three styrofoam cups about an inch and a half high, planted java ferns in gravel, and placed them in the tank. That way the fish have areas to hide from the cat, and I can easily move the plants to clean the tank.

I’m feeding the bettas three times a day; rotating between frozen baby brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms, and crushed dry flakes. They will be conditioned like this for three weeks before they are moved into their breeding bucket. Tentative date for the blessed union is January 3rd.

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