Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's a Hobby for Now . . . part 2


My bettas from Thailand arrived safe and sound. Winston has a little fin wear, but Clementine came through just fine. I’m using blog entries here as a sort of breeding record; so if you believe fish should be placed between two buns and smothered in tartar sauce, the rest of this blog won’t be very interesting.

I’m using a single ten gallon conditioning tank, set at 80 degrees. Two tank partitioners  divide the tank into thirds, bettas at either end, and a large catfish I’ve had for years in the center. I’m using a “waterfall-type” filter with the catfish, so at either end the bettas enjoy relatively still water. I’ll be doing 20% water changes twice a week. No gravel in the tank, per se. I cut three styrofoam cups about an inch and a half high, planted java ferns in gravel, and placed them in the tank. That way the fish have areas to hide from the cat, and I can easily move the plants to clean the tank.

I’m feeding the bettas three times a day; rotating between frozen baby brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms, and crushed dry flakes. They will be conditioned like this for three weeks before they are moved into their breeding bucket. Tentative date for the blessed union is January 3rd.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's a Hobby for Now . . .

I am usually depressed on birthdays. This year is no exception. Aside from the usual "why am I here?" reflections, the anniversary of the passing of John Lennon, the Walking Dead hiatus until February - then there's the Mayan thing, and November's election results (the last two are possibly related Apocalyptic events). Not to mention; raising a thirteen year old by myself, another failed business attempt, and still another year in the Retail Hell known as Tyson's Corner Mall - its easy to rationalize the need for a psychological life preserver or two. As my liver has strongly suggested binge drinking is no longer an option, and I am still a year or two away from medical marijuana, I've decided the tropical fish hobby deserves another look. As a kid, we had ten tanks (including a 300 gallon monster), but I don't expect to get that hardcore. Watching fish will help me sleep better.

This project is the catalyst for a web site idea next summer.
This handsome Siamese Fighting Fish pictured above is named Winston. At least, that's his name once he arrives from Thailand. Right now, his name is simply sushi. I ordered him from the Sirinut Betta Farm. I am also getting a female from the same line. Her name shall be Clementine. I want them to have sex. Lots of sex. Their breeding bucket shall be named Blenheim Palace.

I also won an Aquabid auction for a beautiful Cambodian Red female from Bettascapes in Texas. She will get here about the same time as the other two. Her name will be Sophia; after the girl in the barn.

Still need to find a show quality Cambodian male. Once I do, I think I'll name him T-Dawg.

I haven't done much with this blog this year, so expect a lot more of my new hobby. 

Q: Where can men over the age of 50 find younger women who are interested in them? A: Try a bookstore under fiction.