Friday, September 9, 2011

Gender Affirming Toys

Of course we want all little girls to feel . . . well . . . special. But somehow, I think these toys take the little ones in an entirely new direction.

DISCLAIMER: I've always liked maids and strippers. But I'm more than a little disturbed by these toys.

My cleaning trolly. Really? Teach little girls to be like Jennifer Lopez in that horrible chick flick? Here's another;

And here are real winners - both racial and gender insensitive. I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say both of these toys were manufactured in China.

And here's another (I gotta admit - having a bi-racial child, I chuckled at this one).

Tramp stamps for little girls. This will be the rage at next seasons' child beauty pageants. By the way, did you know that had she lived, Jon Benet Ramsey would have turned 21 this year?

And finally, my absolute favorite:

What do these say about us, as Americans? Actually, nothing. But they speak volumes on how Americans are perceived by other countries. Think about that for a while.

The middle class in America no longer exists. Children have two paths to choose from. Get incredibly lucky and therefore impossibly rich - or be simply satisfied with your lot in life. Its a sad end to a Century of Aspirations.

Who would buy toys that encourage their little girls to be maids or strippers when they grow up? Someone is.

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