Thursday, May 6, 2010

Comedy Central developing Jesus Christ cartoon -- The Live Feed

Comedy Central developing Jesus Christ cartoon -- The Live Feed

I'm glad to see this for several reasons. Personally its a slap in the face for those idiots offended by deities documented in cartoon form (don't forget this by the way) . Secondly, no matter who satiric in nature, a cartoon like this could very well promote positive elements of religion to a largely disaffected audience.

Will it offend the majority of Christians? Probably. I'm a lapsed but still struggling Roman Catholic, and I might find it uncomfortable. But satire is meant to make people feel uncomfortable. I'm sure there were Victorians upset by the notion that cutting off a child's legs at the knees would prevent them from reaching doorknobs and escaping from the house. That's why Johnathan Swift wrote it all those years ago, and why people still laugh at the absurdity today.

When I do a satiric piece for this blog, my email averages 6:1 negative to positive. Four out of the six are idiots and not worth discussing. Two may hate the post, but they take the time to thoughtfully frame their arguments, and generally avoid the word castrate. I really appreciate their effort. After all, they could be doing something more valuable with their time. Sometimes they admit it was a funny idea, they get the joke, but its a little too close to home. And that my friends, is why people write satire.

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