Friday, December 18, 2009

Run Rudolph Run

Today is Keith Richards' birthday. If this were a polytheistic society, Richards would be God of The Open G - Ruler of All Rhythm. This day must become a globally recognized holiday. Wouldn't it be better? A half-curled lip, a right armed half-windmill, and a guttural "KEEF!" yell, all could become generally accepted seasonal salutations. As many of us may no longer utter the words, "Merry Christmas", except among small pockets of Resistance, and as how many of us still feel uncomfortable blurting out the politically correct, "Have an ambiguously secular winter event and/or events." to store clerks, taxi drivers, and passers-by, why not recognize the seemingly immortal rocker instead?

I don't care what anyone says - Keith Richards is the best guitar player of all time. But, he can't climb a palm tree to save his ass.

Merry Christmas all.

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