Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye and Taylor to Record Together

(ACORN MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE - New York, N.Y.) According to close relatives of country music teen sensation Taylor Swift, she and hip hop bad boy Kanye West were planning on recording together - even before West's "meltdown" at last night's MTV Video Music Awards. Does this mean Kanya's impromptu outburst was staged, like Sacha Baron Cohen's ass ride on Eminem's face last year?

Here is what we know:

1.) Kanya West has booked studio time at Sound Investments Recording Studio in Scranton, Pennsylvania, not far from Swift's home town of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania in early December.

2.) Representatives of Swift have secured the recording rights to the song "Strange Fruit", a Billie Holiday classic written by a high school teacher around 1936. Several members of the Video Music Awards audience "quoted" lines of the song as Kanye West was escorted out of Radio City Music Hall.

3.) Taylor Swift, born on December 13, 1989, is in fact old enough to have sex in Pennsylvania.

MTV is insisting they were not part of West's tirade in front of a live television audience, but have yet to release an official statement.

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