Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hasbro to Manufacture Suicide Vest

(PAWTUCKET, RI.) Hasbro, Inc., a leader in manufactured toys, games and licensed products worldwide, are expanding their "NERF" line to include an "exploding" vest modeled after an Al Qaeda suicide bomber rig. The new toy, to be called "The NERF First Strike Vest", is described as a tactical edge in "NERF WAR" group skirmishes, and not for typical one-on-one battles between children. The vest will carry replica grenades, C4 bricks, and dynamite sticks which, when exploded, will send spring-loaded "NERF" foam-like shrapnel within a 20 foot radius of the wearer. It will take about ten minutes to reassemble the vest after detonation.

According to the vest press release, "Hasbro
recognizes its responsibility not only to make products in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and its own standards, but also to support the industry and regulatory process. Since the 1980s, the company has used bright neon colors for "NERF" products to insure law enforcement officials would not mistake our products for real weapons. "The NERF First Strike Vest" is no exception. The toy will feature neon green grenades, neon pink C4 packs, and bright red dynamite sticks. The vest itself is a bright reflective yellow, as suggested by the Department of Homeland Security, and will also presumably make wearers more visible for motorists at night."

According to other press releases from Hasbro, the "NERF" brand has featured toys that either shoot or are made from the foam-like material. Most of the toys fall in the category of foam-based weaponry, but there are also balls for indoor football and basketball. The most famous of the toys are their "dart guns" (also known as blasters) that shoot projectiles made from "NERF" foam.

It should be noted; the company has commited itself to corporate responsibility in the past. During the last seven years, Hasbro has cut its U.S. operations' greenhouse gas emissions by 43.4%. In addition, 88% of currently generated waste at operated sites around the world is recycled.

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