Friday, December 26, 2008

Changes for 2009

Well, since 2008 was one of the worst years EVER, I've decided to start making a few changes now. Like our new President, I will not wait to get the ball rolling in January. Instead, I will form my cabinet now.

First change I make; I have suspended my Eve Online account effective immediately, this after playing nearly every day for the past
three years. Still a great game, but I have accomplished my in-game goals (carrier pilot) and now want a 2-3 month break.

However, this not will add a lot of extra time to my week overall - Brandon got
Guitar Hero for Christmas.

Secondly, I will be posting more satirical pieces to this blog. I've gotten ideas, but haven't made the time to execute. I'm going to make a real effort to bring guilty pleasure to people at other people's expense throughout the New Year. All my usual targets will not be spared, and I'm sure there will be other targets suitable for framing as time goes by.

Finally, I've decided I need a real hobby. I've always had an interest in magic, and now that Brandon has decided magic is cool as well, we can learn it together. I got my first card magic book for Christmas, called Jack Parker's 52 Memories by Andi Gladwin, and Brandon got a lot of magic tricks too. The more things we can do together the better.

And finally; I'm going to lose 62 pounds. And stop global warning.

Best wishes to all for the year ahead.

Kamir Chi

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