Thursday, September 25, 2008

German Bank Slammed for Mistakenly Wiring Lehman Millions

Berlin demanded an inquiry Wednesday into why a German government bank transferred 300 million euros ($427 million) to Lehman Brothers just hours before the US bank collapsed amid continuing turmoil on Wall Street.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Redskin Owner to Move Coaster to Backyard

Washington Redskins owner and Six Flags chairman Daniel M. Snyder will be moving an unused roller coaster from Six Flags America to his Potomac Maryland residence at the end of Six Flags' season. The dormant coaster, named Two-Face, has been gathering bat droppings and closed due to a history of serious accidents. Snyder's neighbors are livid over this development, citing the unsightly coaster's move is retaliation for their protests against the billionaire's home landscaping projects.

The diminutive businessman has been deemed "the devil" by many of his wealthy Potomac neighbors since Snyder hired workers to take chain saws to several acres of park protected woodlands, to give him a panoramic view of the river from the $10 million home he purchased from Queen Noor (the widow of Jordan's King Hussein). "In the otherwise unbroken ribbon of forest separating his and other handsome estates from the old C&O Canal, there is suddenly a yawning gap.", wrote Washington Post reporter Matthew Mosk at the time. The National Park Service, which has long had a reputation for zealously enforcing scenic easements that protect the woods along riverbanks, instead offered a sympathetic reaction to Snyder's landscaping. A spokesman in Washington first said that Snyder cut the trees "by mistake" and that he failed to notify the agency.

Then, the Park Service suddenly announced they had approved the logging plan all along, claiming Snyder's case was unusual because his lot has been invaded by non-native flora species, and the agreement called for Snyder to replant the hillside with native (and presumably shorter) ones. C&O Canal Park Superintendent Kevin D. Brandt said he recognizes that the gash in the forest left by the clear-cut is unsightly. But he said, "We looked at the arrangement with a long view. A decade from now, the site will be markedly improved. We think this was in the long-term best interest of the national park." It is unclear if Mr. Brandt is now a Redskins season ticket holder.

Neighbors are enraged. According to long-time Potomac resident who wishes to remain anonymous, "Snyder thinks he is above the law, and he loves to stick it to his neighbors. But hey, many of us have the same money he does, and he will always be shorter."

This was not Six Flags original plan for the coaster. Theme park officials admit they have been actively trying to unload the coaster to another park, with little results. According to sources inside the Redskins organization, Snyder was considering giving the ride a burgundy and gold facelift, renaming it Hog Wild, and moving to a parking lot at FedEx Field for fans to enjoy (at a price). Insurance liabilities and ride weight restrictions (typical tail-gators are on the heavy side) however, made that idea unworkable.

The Two-Face "inverted boomerang" coaster, built by Netherlands company Vekoma, has a long history of accidents. In July 2003, a safety sensor detected a problem and stopped the trains in midair. About 25 passengers were stuck on the coaster for over two hours while engineers manually brought the trains safely back into the station. In September 2007, the coaster stalled 100 feet in midair for about 30 minutes with 28 passengers on board. One rider did suffer trouble breathing, but no injuries were reported. In October 2007, riders were in the air for almost two hours. Then, the train rolled back to the platform and slammed to a stop. Over a dozen people complained of neck and back pain, and many were
sprayed with hydraulic fluid. Finally, in late October 2007, Six Flags employee Shadell "Funnel Cake" Washington reported the condom she and her boyfriend were using behind the ride, had in fact, broken.

Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants

Nobel Peace Prize idiot and environmental waco Al Gore urged young people on Wednesday to engage in civil disobedience to stop the construction of coal plants without the ability to store carbon.

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PETA urges Ben and Jerry's to use human milk

Honey, why does my Chunky Monkey taste different?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

City uses DNA to fight dog poop

By Avida Landau PETAH TIKVA, Israel (Reuters) - An Israeli city is using DNA analysis of dog droppings to reward and punish pet owners. Under a six-month trial programme launched this week, the city of Petah Tikva, a suburb of Tel Aviv, is asking...

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jamaica Needs to Capitalize

Like many small nations, Jamaica suffers from a distorted view of itself. The government, representing a population of just over three million, struggles to find its place on the world stage. And remarkably, this island-nation consistently churns out the best sprinters in the world. Jamaica has squandered countless opportunities to re-brand itself. Will it once again ignore the immense value of its athletes? In my opinion, the most important politician in Jamaica is not the Prime Minister, but the Minister of Youth, Sport & Culture. And to that end; if Bruce Golding wants the Jamaica Labour Party to continue its previous election successes, he should assume the responsibilities of that cabinet position as well; sending a clear message to the world and its people, Jamaica's true strength lies in its youth, its sports, and its culture.

Right now Jamaica is in a state of euphoria and national pride over the eleven Olympic medals won in Beijing. How long will this euphoria last? If I had my way, it would last forever. Golding has an opportunity to step in and re-prioritize his administration's goals right now. The Minister of Youth, Sport, & Culture is a crucial appointment, and Golding would do well to re-commit himself to it.

Here are a few of Jamaica's failures to capitalize on the global attention its athletes receive. In 1998, Jamaica captured the world's attention at the Winter Olympics in Calgary with the debut of its bobsled team. Two Americans, George B. Fitch and William Maloney, came up with the idea after realizing pushcart races in Jamaica were similar to bobsledding. They decided to use sprinters since bobsledding requires a fast start, but got absolutely no help from the government in securing top sprinters. When the team returned to the Olympics in 1992, they stunned their critics by finishing in 14th place, ahead of the United States, Russia, France, and Italy. The two man team finished in 10th place, ahead of Sweden. The Jamaican government did nothing to support these athletes, despite huge international interest. Millions of dollars in free publicity to the country and its tourism-centered economy, were completely wasted. For Christ's sake; Disney made a movie about them! And yet you couldn't (and still can't) buy a Jamaican Bobsled Team T-shirt! The government's public relations / marketing machine focuses strictly on tourism, with little effort going to promoting national pride and positive role models for the nation's youth.

Here's another one; Jamaica's national soccer team, the Reggae Boys. In my opinion, they are the most under-utilized natural resource the country has. The government does little to support the team. Yet they inspire every kid on the island to practice hard and stay clean. Want to control crime? Control the youth. A strong national focus in a public relations / marketing push is the answer. There is nothing wrong with Pride Of Country.

The blame for these failures, has to fall on the office of the Minister of Youth, Sport, & Culture.

The opposition party should well understand the importance of that cabinet position. The People's National Party, under Prime Minister P.J. Paterson, sat Portia Simpson-Miller in the post. This was, in my opinion, a move to sideline her rapidly ascending political career; putting her in a "no win" situation, and moving her out of the action. It didn't work. Simpson-Miller took the ball and ran with it. The PNP's Old Guard could not derail her popularity and natural charisma. While living in Jamaica, I had a very brief meeting with her to present my plan to create an all-Jamaican pro wrestling promotion. It was a wild idea; but she immediately understood the national pride and entertainment value to the country, and the value of creating full-time jobs for many athletes (unlike many investors I met with). Her successes and hard work in her cabinet post could not be ignored. She became the PNP's nominee, and then Jamaica's first female Prime Minister.

To Minister Golding and the JLP; move this cabinet position into the Prime Minister's portfolio. As many may remember; P.J. Paterson added the Minister of Finance duties to his own. Here is Goldman's chance to publicly acknowledge the importance of national pride and positive role-models for the country.

In this post, I am only dealing with Jamaica's athletic achievements. Jamaica's has made great contributions to music internationally; in many different styles (reggae, ska, dancehall, etc.). But, one has to wonder if the government can't do more to preserve and promote Jamaica's unique music culture.

Regardless; I want to add my congratulations to Jamaica's Olympic medal winners. Usain Bolt, Melaine Walker, Shericka Williams, Shereefa Lloyd, Rosemarie Whyte, Novelene Williams, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Asafa Powell, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Sherone Simpson, Kerron Stewart, and Veronica Campbell-Brown. You have inspired my son, and I thank you for that.

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