Thursday, April 17, 2008

Teaching the Art of Letter Writing

You have to hand it to the Fairfax County School System here in Virginia. They recognized, in this day of instant messaging, text messaging using codes incomprehensible to everyone over fifteen, and hour long cell phone conversations about nothing; clearly children are not learning the importance of letter writing. Established grammer rules and correct spelling are becoming less and less important to the youth of today. My eight year old son Brandon asked recently why he should do his spelling words, since "I'm not stupid, Dad. I know how to use spell-check."

In Fairfax County, students are encouraged to write letters to their teachers and each other. A school-only mailbox is right outside the office, and the kids write regularly. Recently the students were asked to write a letter to "a famous person". Here is Brandon's effort.

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

I wish I can meet you in person, but sadly you're dead. I have been reading about you. I have a question for you. How is heaven? Please write back.



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