Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vatican Greenlights "Sister Stephanie"

Sources inside Vatican City disclosed that a New Orleans cartoonist has been given the tentative blessing to create an internationally distributed comic strip to help promote "traditional Catholic values", but artist Colin Hennedy insists the strip, to be called Sister Stephanie, will remain completely objective, "finding sources for satire everywhere".

Sister Stephanie, a 4 foot tall, 80 year old nun is the main character of the strip, who Hennedy describes as "the fanatical voice of Catholic reason", and is obviously drawn to resemble Mother Teresa. But that is where the resemblance ends. "She litterally runs the Diocese", says Hennedy, "effectively castrating male church leaders behind their overtly political, self-serving backs. She is a total bitch - no doubt about it. But, in a nice way."

Other characters in preliminary drawings include Sister Catherine, an anatomically correct gorgeous hardbody who refuses to wear habits and could easily pass for a stripper, Sister Sinead, a nun who insists on wearing a Luchadore wrestling mask at all times, and "Sister" Carlotta, an illegal immigrant who lost her job as an elementary school lunch lady, and is now hiding in the Church from authorities. Male characters are largely portrayed as buffoons, including those habitating Vatican City itself.

Curiously, The Holy Trinity also make regular appearances in the strip. Both God and Jesus appear as traditional "WASP" representations (flowing robes, long hair and beards), while The Holy Spirit is drawn as what appears to be a video game controller. Hennedy says flatly, "you will never see two characters in the strip - the Devil, and the prophet Mohammad. In fact, since The Holy Trinity has never seen them either within the strip, there is doubt among them those two even exist. Also, in Sister Stephanie's world, there is no such thing as homosexuality. As a cartoonist, that would be too easy."

Sister Stephanie is scheduled to debut Christmas Day 2007.

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