Friday, June 29, 2007

Pictures - Brandon and Soccer

Thank God, Brandon took to soccer! This is his first organized sports activity, and he is really having fun with it! He is learning the importance of practice, responsibility to his teamates, and taking directions from an adult. He is easily the fastest runner on his team, and extremely competitive. Soccer is an excellent outlet for a kid with limitless energy. And it isn't that much of a financial, or a time, commitment for parents. The best part for me, is watching Brandon play. I am the loudest parent at the game!

Though we haven't see D.C. United yet, Brandon and I have gone to see our local Nothern Virginia Football Club team, the Royals. They are great fun to watch, and you are so close to the action you can hear bones breaking. Really. Anyway, why don't you wean your kids off those mind numbing Game Boys, and buy them a twenty dollar soccer ball. If you live in Northern Virginia, check out the Annandale Boys & Girls Club. All the kids get the same amount of playing time, so everyone participates equally. You won't be sorry.

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